atlas 2-in-1 pregnancy band

The Atlas 2-IN-1 Pregnancy Band
transitions into a complete Postpartum Band.

Created by the trusted maker of Cinch Tummy Wrap


The Missing Link To Effectively Fighting Baby Bulge. With A Revolutionary Concept that a New Mom’s Recovery Starts Before A Baby Is Born


San Francisco, California –

Conventional wisdom may dictate that once you bear a child, all hope of getting your old body back is gone.  The Band Specialist believes it’s about time that old wives’ tale was rewritten. To that end, they’ve just unveiled a new product, the Atlas™. Designed specifically for wear during the third trimester and the 6 weeks post baby and beyond, the 2-in-1 Atlas™ tummy band helps new moms regain their pre-pregnancy physique and confidence faster.

Named after the Greek god Atlas who upheld the world, the Atlas™  band helps lift a mother’s new world, her baby, during the final trimester. By uplifting the pregnant belly and supporting the pregnant body, it reduces the physical trauma of the third trimester. In particular, it lessens back pain, fatigue, swelling and stretch marks. In addition, it helps improve the overall childbirth experience.  But the Atlas™ doesn’t stop there. Thanks to its revolutionary design that expands and shrinks with the wearer, it is the only band in the world that swiftly transitions right into post pregnancy. After birth, it assumes the role of a supportive postpartum band that helps new mothers lose those extra baby inches faster. Acceleration of postpartum recovery and hastening of the childbirth healing process are just some of the benefits wearers of the Atlas™ will enjoy as the band retrains their body back to its former shape.

Other pre- and post-pregnancy perks include:

•    Less back pain, fatique, swelling and stretch marks
•    Prevention of spine curvature, thereby creating more space for the fetus to grow
•    Improved circulation to the legs, thereby preventing varicose veins
•    Less nerve impingement
•    Freer movement
•    Reduction in tension headaches
•    Cold/warm back insert that reduces the need for pain medication and
•    Abdominal support & Tone

“When you are wearing The Atlas Band, you are initiating your recovery process caused by “The Primary Trauma (TPT)” and preparing your body after childbirth  “The Secondary Trauma (TST)” coined by the Atlas™’s developer, Charlene Williams.  The paradigm shift where new moms recovery starts before the baby is born will dramatically improve and nourish her health (body and mind) because happier moms foster happier and healthier babies”.

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